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Interested in working at Chadwick’s on our training team or on our front desk team? Apply today. Chadwick’s Fitness is a facility who prides itself on professionalism and expertise. We look for people who love to learn and want to be the best at what they do.

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The Chadwick’s Fitness internship program is designed to prepare each participant to enter a career in the personal training and/or strength and conditioning field. This program incorporates many methods to teach and prepare the interns including hands on experience, educational meetings, shadowing, and more.

The interns will learn how to properly cue, coach, and demonstrate numerous exercises. They will also learn how to correct common mistakes associated with each movement and as well as the appropriate progressions and regressions. Chadwick’s also prides itself on our evaluations and functional training; interns will be introduced to incorporating correctives and functional training into a workout session. Once properly trained, each intern will have the opportunity lead our Youth Athletic Development class as well as write and implement a program for a twice per week personal training client.

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