Give your young athlete a boost in the right direction with
our youth strength and conditioning programs!
Youth athletic development with Personal Trainer at Gyms in Franklin TN

At Chadwick’s Fitness, we go above and beyond with our youth strength and conditioning programs to ensure that your child can maximize on his or her athletic potential. Our youth training program’s success lies in the young body’s mechanics and movement techniques that we perfect to help each young athlete build speed, endurance and strength, as well as help them excel at sports!

How Your Young Athlete Will Benefit from Chadwick’s Youth Strength and Conditioning Programs:

Chadwick’s Athletic Development groups will comprise of both male & female athletes ages 10 and older.

  • Increasing power for better jumping and first step speed
  • Multi-directional quickness
  • Learning how to move more efficiently
  • Increasing rotational power
  • Improving mobility and stability for injury prevention
  • Increasing strength and conditioning for young athletes

Each 60 minute group focuses on youth strength and conditioning and will involve training techniques and methods designed to help your young athlete learn how to properly move and workout in a safe and fun environment.


Talk Briefly Over The Phone

Contact us with interest in Athletic Development Groups via the website or by calling in to Chadwick’s. We will talk briefly to make sure the groups are a good fit for your athlete’s needs and to help get your young athlete started with our youth strength and condition program each week in Franklin, TN


The first session will be a private evaluation to get baseline measurements for the athletes mobility, stability, speed, agility, and power.  The athlete will then transition into our small groups which have a maximum of 1:5 coach to athlete ratio.

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Train in Small Groups & See Results

The coach will lead the athletes through their program. Each athlete will have their own ipad during the session to access & track progress on his/her program.  Athletes will retest periodically to see improvements in speed, agility, basic strength and injury prevention. Within weeks of training in our youth strength and conditioning program , you will see measurable differences in your child’s speed and coordination abilities as well as their improved performance on the field.

Increase your child’s strength, speed and agility with the Best Youth Strength and Conditioning Program in Franklin TN!