Give your child a boost in the right direction with
our athletic development training!

At Chadwick’s Fitness, we go above and beyond with our sports performance training programs to ensure that your child can maximize on his or her athletic potential. Our training program’s success lies in the body’s mechanics and movement techniques that we perfect to help each child build speed, endurance and strength, as well as help them excel at sports!

How Your Young Athlete Will Benefit from Chadwick’s Athletic Development Class:

The Chadwick’s Athletic Development class will comprise both male & female athletes between the ages 8-14 and will focus on:

  • Increasing power for better jumping and first step speed
  • Multi-directional quickness
  • Learning how to move more efficiently
  • Increasing strength and conditioning
  • Increasing rotational power
  • Improving mobility and stability for injury prevention

Every athletic development class is 60 minutes long and will involve training techniques and methods designed to help your young athlete learn how to properly move and workout in a safe and fun environment.

Class Schedule
Monday To Thursday
5:00-6:00 PM

Class Fees
$150 per month
$50 per month for siblings

Please note – Payments are billed every 1 month on an automatic payment system until notice to stop billing is given. In case you wish to discontinue our Athletic Development Services, simply notify us at within 2 weeks before your billing date is due.


Get Your Athletic
Development Membership

Purchase your month to month Athletic Development Membership and submit this waiver to get your child started with up to 4-days of focused training each week.

Sports Training

Drop your child off at class where they are introduced to exercises geared towards improvements in speed, agility, basic strength and injury prevention.

See the Results
on the Field

Notice visible differences in your child’s speed and coordination abilities as well as their improved performance on the field.

Increase your child’s strength, speed and agility to help them excel at the sport of their choice!