Reach your strength, weight loss, and longevity goals with a personal trainer
at your side to motivate and educate you every step of the way.


The personal trainers are more specialized. They can all work with me and I don’t feel like I’m going to get injured and that’s why I keep coming back here. They’re taking care of me and they’re very precise.

– Cindi, Chadwick’s Personal Training Client


At Chadwick’s, our personal trainers stand out for their exceptional expertise, setting us apart as the premier destination for achieving your fitness goals. Each member of our dedicated team brings a wealth of knowledge, backed by years of practical experience in the field of fitness, performance, and nutrition. As seasoned professionals, our trainers are equipped with the skills to tailor fitness programs that are not only effective but also enjoyable.

What truly distinguishes Chadwick’s fitness training is our commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs, crafting personalized fitness programs that ensure results. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance for weight loss or a seasoned athlete looking to run your fastest 5k, our trainers are here to guide and motivate you on your fitness journey toward a better life.


Talk with a Chadwick's Team member

Click the “Start Today” button and someone from our team will soon be in contact with you to talk briefly about you are looking for and to what your training goals are to see if Chadwick’s can be the right fit for you!

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Schedule Your Evaluation

Your first session will be a Fitness Evaluation with your trainer. Here your trainer will get to know you, your goals, your past exercise experience. We will assess your current fitness level along with your mobility and stability. Also of this information will be used to design the workout program that’s right for you.

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Train for Results

Each week, your trainer is here for YOU to educate, motivate, and provide ongoing accountability.

Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining strength, running a marathon, or walking 3 miles on your upcoming family vacation, Chadwick’s will get you there!

Let our experienced trainers at Chadwick’s keep you accountable to live a healthy, better life.


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Weight Loss

We help our clients lose weight with our customized training program and nutritional guidance. We use assessments that track body fat percentage, daily caloric intake, circumference measurements, strength gains, cardiovascular improvements and more. We are able to add a comprehensive focus towards individual nutrition and exercise plans to ensure that your overall health is sustainable for years to come.

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Cardiovascular Fitness

Our tailored training programs enhance cardiovascular fitness by incorporating a blend of aerobic and anaerobic exercises at different intensity levels, promoting a healthier caloric burn. Our emphasis lies in bolstering clients’ endurance in aerobically demanding scenarios, ultimately boosting the efficiency of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels while enhancing overall fitness.

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Chadwick’s personal training offers exceptional fitness programming. Each workout gradually progresses toward your goals. Our trainers take the time to hear your goals, build a custom program, and motivate you through each workout session. We focus on joint mobility and stability, core strength, motor control, load progression, and energy systems development; a combination of which helps you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.

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Injury Prevention

Our personal training focuses on lowering your chances of injury and reducing the impact on your body. Our fitness training program is designed to engage your core and correct your weaknesses drawing from your body’s natural movements. Not only are our workouts aimed at strengthening your deep core muscles but also to address muscle imbalances through corrective exercises to build a strong foundation.

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Strength Training

Apart from weight loss and injury prevention, we also design programs that increase strength and performance. Whether you are looking to improve your body’s day-to-day performance or looking to compete in a race or sporting event, Chadwick’s background in training athlete’s allows us to help you with that.


When you start with your personal trainer, you will be held accountable to get a minimum of two workouts in each week. Besides this, we create a relationship of accountability with your nutrition, overall health, and staying active outside of the gym. We build a plan together that works for your individual needs.

Our personal training clients value health & longevity,
counting on our expert coaches for education & accountability.


" I've lost 22 pounds. I came to Chadwick's through my son, Brett. He did baseball workouts there in high school. My trainer is incredible. I was extremely out of shape and had shoulder problems. She worked within my limits, encouraging me the entire time. The staff at Chadwick's are like friends now. It's fun to workout at a place where everyone knows my name. I can do so much more physically than just a few months ago. I am stronger, more coordinated, and no longer need an afternoon caffeine boost. "


" On this journey I have really learned that consistency is key. A good balance of healthy eating and exercise have been my go to. Making the right food choices to fuel my body and choosing to exercise. It is really important to have some positive people in your support circle. Good vibes are everything! Jared and Zack motivate me every time and keep me moving towards reaching my goal! Everyone at Chadwicks is so positive and motivating.. it really helps to have such a great group of people around you at the gym! "


" When I contacted Chadwick's, I was desperate for change. Fitness had been an important part of my life since I was a teenager. But somehow it had been pushed to the side for a couple of years. I had tried personal training in the past with mixed results and was skeptical if this would be any different. It didn't take me long to realize it was. It was better! "


" I started training not with any specific fitness or sport goal in mind but just to be healthier, be more active and mostly to feel better in my body. After just a few sessions, I started noticing changes. I had more energy, I was more focused at work, and I was generally happier. Unlike the other places I've tried, my trainer has been encouraging without being critical or demeaning. I'm no athlete but with his help, I've reached milestones I've never been able to attain. "


" I've been consistently training for almost a year now and firmly believe contacting Chadwick's for those two free sessions was the best decision I could have made. I'm grateful for Chadwick's and trainer for reigniting my love of fitness, improving my state of mind, and reminding me that change is possible. Fitness is no longer something that I should do. It is part of how I want to live my life. "