Athletic Development Class

Athletic Development Class with Personal Trainer at Gyms in Franklin TN

Class Days & Times:

Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings 5:30pm-6:30pm!

Payment Details:

$150 per month or $25 drop-in. You will be billed one time per month until notice to stop billing is given.
*Sibling Discount – add a second member of the family to athletic development for only $50 per month

Class Instructor:

The class program is written and overseen by the Head of Sports Performance, Zlatko Hundur, and the class will be lead by Chadwicks Trained Interns.

Class Description:

Chadwicks Athletic Development class will involve both male & female athletes between the ages 8-14. The class will go over how to properly move & workout in a safe & fun environment. Every class is designed so that your athlete can move faster, get stronger, last longer, & play harder!
Each class will be 60 min.
In the Athletic Development class, we will cover:

  • Increasing Power for better push-off speeds
  • Multi-Directional quickness
  • Learning how to move more efficiently
  • Increasing strength
  • Increasing rotational power
  • Improving mobility and stability for injury prevention

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