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Shoulder issues? The majority of us slouch at a desk all day, type on our phones regularly, and participate in other activities that can take a toll on our posture and cause stiffness in our shoulders. Here are some ways to loosen up those shoulders and prevent pain! All you need is a wall/doorway!

warm up

Pro tip: Warm up before stretching. Warming up your shoulders will not only allow you to get a better stretch, but also help workout any stiffness you may already have. Use a tennis ball to pinpoint and loosen those muscles!

Stretch 1: Anterior shoulder muscles. Place your elbow and hand on a wall (90 degree angle). Open your body away to feel the stretch in the front side of your shoulder. Hold stretch for 30 seconds.

Stretch 2: Lats. Stand beside the wall while leaving a little bit of space between you and the wall. Work your way up the wall and lean into the wall with your body. Hold stretch for 30 seconds.

Stretch 3: Posterior side muscles. Straighten arm and place palm against wall. Turn towards the wall and make sure your shoulders are contracted down to feel the stretch in your lats. Hold stretch for 30 seconds.

These stretches are an easy addition to your daily routine or pre-workout warmup. For best results, we recommend doing these stretches 2-3 times per week. However, these stretches are not meant to heal any tear or major shoulder pain. Please see a doctor if you are having major discomfort or pain.

Sports Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Franklin, TN

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