Speed Camp

Speed Camp for Personal Training, Group Fitness, Sports Training, Strength & Conditioning Class

What is a Speed Camp?

This Camp is designed to optimize your athlete’s performance through professional coaching from our highly educated staff of personal trainers. Athletes will initially go through basic movement drills and will progress to more advanced movement drills that are required in their respective sports.

Training Components:

    Pillar prep will help activate the athlete’s T-Spine, Core, & Hips with what we call the “engine” of the body. Here our personal trainers will touch on soft tissue work, mobilizing the areas that are needed for the movement being taught, & activating their engine to be ready for the next component of training.
    Here our personal trainers work on putting force through the ground through plyometrics (jump training). These drills will coincide with the movement being taught that day to further heighten movement which for this camp would be acceleration & top speed.
    Here our personal trainers teach acceleration & top speed. Athlete’s will be coached on form, how to put force into the ground to enhance acceleration & top speed. This is where we put the entire movement together. Athlete’s will go through various speed drills (wall drills, sled drills, bungee drills, etc) to promote better sprint form & overall speed mechanics.


Our personal trainers will run each athlete through the following test and show where they rank compared to other athletes of their same age and gender

  • Broad Jump & Vertical Jump
  • 10-yard & 40-yard dash
  • Pro agility test

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