Micah McKee

Micah McKee



Micah McKee is a Certified and Tennessee Licensed Athletic Trainer (ATC). Originally from Meridian, Mississippi, Micah earned his B.S. in Athletic Training from the University of West Alabama as well as his M.S. in Sports and Human Performance from Delta State University. He is currently pursuing his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS.)

Micah’s career started with treating athletes with pain or injuries as an Athletic Trainer. He worked directly with athletes on and off the field, court, or mat to rehabilitate injuries and help athletes return to sport. Micah’s passion has grown to not only treat injuries, but also to help athletes reach higher levels of performance within their sports focusing on increasing overall strength, speed, and power.

Along with training athletes, Micah also loves working with the general population to reach their fitness goals in a safe, effective manner. Creating personal bonds with his clients is important to Micah because it helps them push for the betterment of themselves longterm.  His passion for helping people combined with a wide range of knowledge and experience within rehabilitation and injury prevention allows to creatively cater to athletes and the general population to improve overall performance and reach long-term goals.