Zack Lannan

Zack Lannan - Personal Trainer at Chadwick's Fitness in Franklin TN

Zack Lannan

CSCS, XPS, TPI-F2, OnBaseU - Director of Training


Zack has been with Chadwick’s since the summer of 2016. He is a member of the NSCA where he has a CSCS certificate, and is also a certified EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS), TPI-Fitness Level 2 golf fitness specialist, and is certified through OnBaseU for pitching mechanics as well.

Zack has 5+ years of experience training professional athletes. He provides a very specific programming structure paired with the best coaching and communication techniques out there. He believes in efficiency and effectiveness.

If Zack is not training on the turf, you will find him reading the latest volume of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He’s always learning new concepts to bring into his training sessions.

Key areas of focus for Zack are on SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) for all sports, velocity-based power and strength training procedures, energy system development, sport-specific mobility/stability improvements, athlete mindset/motivation, and education.

When an athlete of any age walks through the door, Zack immediately thinks; where is this person currently at, and what is the path of least resistance to getting them to the pro level.