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Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

At Chadwick’s Gyms in Franklin TN, every personal training client will undergo a movement screen. But, what is a “movement screen” and what does it entail?

The screen at Chadwick’s analyzes an individual’s movement which helps identify patterns that could lead to injury. The information it provides allows us to develop programs to not only help you reach your goals, but to improve functionality in daily life. The word “functional” floats around the fitness community and we want to be clear on what functional means to Chadwicks. To us, functional means moving efficiently and smoothly, without wasting unnecessary energy on movements that could lead to injury.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was developed by physical therapist Gray Cook and several colleagues, to develop a tool to objectively view the body as a whole rather than just by its separate parts. The screen itself consists of the individual going through seven movement patterns to determine what “weak link” in the chain is causing inefficient movement. The FMS mimics normal human movement patterns and reveals compensation by a muscle or joint. Like Cook, we believe that you must first move well, then move often.

So what is the purpose behind this movement screen?

The movement screen provides a wealth of knowledge to our staff. Upon finishing the screen, we have an objective snapshot of how your body moves. Because many of the movements are redundant, the screen double-checks itself. For example, if you repeatedly lose balance when on the left leg, improving balance will be emphasized in the training program. Using the movement screen provides us with a way to truly individualize training programs, but also provides a baseline measurement. It is an excellent gauge of progress to demonstrate increased postural control and strength.

Preventing injury is first and foremost in the minds of Chadwick’s trainers. Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, or performance enhancement, being sidelined for injury will bring an immediate halt to any progress. The screen identifies patterns that can overuse or injure a joint. By using the information from the FMS, we develop plans that work on correcting these issues while also working around them to reach your goals. For example, a sore or weak hip doesn’t mean no cardio, it means modified or upper-body focused cardio while intentional strengthening and corrective exercises for the lower body until the hip gets stronger.

Utilizing a movement screen allows us to better track your progress. Your weight, body fat percentage, and muscular development can be all measured. The FMS provides an objective score that can be understood by any professional trained in the FMS. Once that score is established, rescreening provides a numerical value to quality of your movement.

At Chadwick’s we believe good movement is crucial for a healthy, happy life. Like dozens of collegiate, professional, and military organizations, the Functional Movement Screen is the tool that we use to help us accomplish this. Besides providing a common language for personal trainers, performance, and rehab staff, it allows for truly individualized programming for the client. The FMS is just one of many tools in the Chadwick’s tool belt that allows us to truly give our best to each client that walks through our doors.

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