Want to burn fat and tone your body or simply shed some inches,
Chadwick’s is the place for strength and conditioning classes in Franklin, TN!


Our group fitness high intensity classes are strength and conditioning classes designed to help you get fit by using functional exercises that work you hard while keeping your body safe. Each day has a different strength and conditioning workout that is aimed at targeting different movements and areas of your body. Our programs are geared toward adults who want to push hard, burn calories, gain strength, and stay safe while exercising. Our GroupFit instructors will work alongside you to provide modifications based on your fitness level to keep you motivated all the way through! We ensure that our strength and conditioning class sizes are not too large to help our members create personal relationships and accountability with each other as well as our group fitness trainers.

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Group Fitness Classes for strength and conditioning with Personal Trainer and Gyms in Franklin TN
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GroupFit Class

Weekdays: 6am, 9am, 5:30pm*

Saturdays: 8am


*no 5:30pm Fridays


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Come workout each week and see results with our strength and conditioning classes which are designed for a high calorie burn and full body strengthening!


One-Time Payment Option
Drop In - $25
16-Pack - $288
4-Week Membership Option
8 Session Plan
(with a 6-month commitment)
4-Week Membership Option
Unlimited Plan
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Our strength & conditioning workouts are written to burn calories!
Experience the difference with Chadwick’s GroupFit


“ Love the variety, never boring, feel like i’m working different muscle groups mixed with varying degrees of cardio all the time, which leads to better results ”


“ I love the different styles of each of the trainers and how incredibly nice everyone is! It really is what keeps me coming back and enjoying the classes. I love the yoga and will be more regular on Saturdays in the fall ”


" I had been marathon training for 2 years. After 6 marathons, I still didn’t have it figured out. I followed my training plans and rarely ever missed a scheduled run. Despite stretching before and after runs, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest, something was obviously missing… It was easy to determine that I was over training in 2015, and my body was paying the price. My marathon times were way off my previous year’s pace. I literally developed numerous golf ball sized knots in my glute and calf muscles on both sides. I frequently woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in one or both calves. Following my final marathon in May of 2015, I started attending FUSE classes at Chadwick’s Fitness. My wife was already attending these classes and thought that I would like them. I was looking to do a different kind of training program… I signed up for the 2016 Nashville Marathon at the end of December. I participated in a group run training program but did not do any of the scheduled runs during the week. I only ran the long runs early on Saturday mornings (and trained with Fuse for the rest of the week). During the Nashville Marathon on April 30, 2016, I physically felt the best I’ve ever felt in all 7 races. I easily beat my time of the previous year. After the race was over, I felt the best at the end that I have ever felt. I didn’t have any pain in my calves or glutes. This year, I plan to work on flexibility with yoga and correcting some issues in my scapulae in FUSE. I don’t know if I’ll run any more marathons, but I will definitely continue FUSE for the foreseeable future. FUSE class full body workouts have made a tremendous difference in my overall energy level and wellness. The structure of the class is set up for individuals of all fitness levels to excel. If you are looking for a different kind of workout or to start up a workout routine, there’s no better place for you than FUSE at Chadwick’s Fitness in Franklin, TN. The trainers will invest their time in you and make sure that you get the best workout possible in a fun and safe environment."


“ I’ve felt welcome from day 1, all levels of fitness are accepted, no one is discouraged, modifications are welcome and sometimes necessary for even the most fit ”


" Being different gets you to work out all your body parts and you do not get stuck doing the same thing ”


“ I’m halfway to my goal on weight, I’m much stronger and the issues/concern with knee pain is gone, and I’ve started a 0 to 5k training program. This is a WORLD of difference in my life ”


“ As I approached 40, I started trying to get serious about losing weight and getting back into shape. I did a variety of things to get fit on my own, but I just wasn’t that familiar with what to do in a gym. I always felt intimidated and a little bit lost. Fuse is great because you get to work closely with trainers who really know their stuff. Before I started the Fuse classes, I had never worked with a trainer that really pushed me to do hard exercises. I have definitely done things that I would have never attempted on my own. Every class is challenging, but fun and fast-paced. I feel confident that if I keep it up, then I will be in much better shape and able to keep the weight off. I’d recommend Fuse to anybody who wants to kick their workout up a notch ”