Let our nutrition coaching change the way you view "dieting" and empower
you to take control of your eating in a way that intentionally fuels your body's needs
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To see a change, you must be willing to make a change. At Chadwick’s we know that in order to achieve great results in fitness or in sport, fueling your body efficiently is vital for success. We do not recommend any fad diets or extreme weight loss plans, but rather, we coach nutrition in a way that provides you the tools and the knowledge needed to achieve success for a lifetime along with the accountability and the motivation to start eating healthy today.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Our 60-minute nutrition consultation is a 1-on-1 meeting with a certified nutrition coach that is designed to set you up with all of the tools and knowledge that you will need to successfully and healthfully attain your goals.

This meeting includes :

  • Mobile food tracking with recommended adjustments to daily food intake
  • Discussion of goals, current lifestyle, & preferred exercise levels
  • Examination of your food vices and creating a plan to control temptations
  • Education on our long-term lifestyle change approach and how to apply it to your daily life
  • Macronutrient percentages calculated based on your fitness goals
  • Building awareness of how certain nutrients provide energy to the body and how to best incorporate that in your eating schedule
  • Educational handouts for long-term success


Nutrition Weekly Accountability Membership
Our nutrition membership is first and foremost designed for accountability. It includes continued coaching and education as you strive to meet specific goals in a timely manner. 
This membership includes:

  • Nutrition coach reviews all daily food tracking for a minimum of 8 weeks
  • Weekly check-ins for coaching, accountability & encouragement
  • Ability to reach out to your nutrition coach with questions or advice
  • A 30-minute meeting once every four weeks
    • Check in on progress and make any needed adjustments
    • Discuss areas that may be holding you back
    • Measure body composition and track progress 


Track Your Food

Contact us to get set up with food tracking and sharing for 3-7 days so we can see how you are currently eating on a typical week.

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Make A Plan

Schedule your initial consultation with one of our certified nutrition coaches to create your plan for long-term success.

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Keep On Track

Track and eat healthy foods with accountability from us to ensure you achieve your desired results!

Don’t start another diet – let us help keep you accountable to make small changes that you can maintain for a lifetime.