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Chadwick’s Fitness | Gym in Franklin, TN

Our state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot facility and gym is located in the heart of Cool Springs in Franklin, TN. Our highly qualified and professional training staff will create the program that is right for you and provide the coaching and motivation needed to reach your goals. We pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality training to each individual client, whether you are looking to increase your speed, improve the health of your body, or eliminate pain while exercising. At Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training, we have plenty of space and equipment needed for all types of training, as well as private bathrooms and showers for after a workout. See our gallery below.

Chadwick’s Gym in Franklin, TN is located at: 119 Seaboard Lane, Suite 401 Franklin, TN 37067

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Chadwick’s Fitness

At Chadwick’s Fitness, our gym provides trainers that listen to you, evaluate you and work alongside you to create tailored services that meet every aspect of your physical development and rehabilitation.

From strength training that builds resilience and power to dynamic group classes that energize and inspire, we cater to individuals across all fitness levels and goals. Our personal training programs are designed with a client-centric approach, ensuring that each workout plan is carefully crafted to fit the unique needs and goals of our members. For those in need of specialized care, our rehab physical training offers a path to recovery and strength, guided by certified professionals with a deep understanding and passion of physical therapy principles. We also recognize the importance of early athletic development, providing programs for children that focus on enhancing athletic skills in a supportive and motivating environment.

Nutrition coaching rounds out our holistic approach to health, offering personalized dietary plans that complement physical training for optimal results.

What truly sets Chadwick’s Fitness apart is our team of highly-certified trainers, whose dedication to excellence and client success is unmatched. Their hyper-focused approach on what’s best for the client ensures that every member receives the support, guidance, and expertise needed to achieve their fitness and health objectives. Choosing our gym in Franklin means investing in a facility that puts your needs, goals, and well-being first, promising a transformative experience that goes beyond the normal gym setting.