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Chadwick’s Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning Internship

Apply for 2023 Internship Now   What is Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training? Chadwicks Fitness & Performance Training is a Sport Performance based fitness facility that specializes in improving every aspect of human performance through a systematic approach to training. Established in 2002, Chadwick’s has become known as one the best Sport Performance Training facilities…

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Chadwick's T-shirt at Gyms in Franklin TN for group fitness, personal training, sports training programs, and youth sports performance training

Chadwick’s Fall Shirt Order

FALL SHIRT ORDER If you would like to place a custom shirt order please fill in the following information and send to the email below. Before filling out the form, scroll to the bottom and look at the shirt options. Shirt Type & Color Click the shirt name below to see the color options. DO…

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the case for longer drives in golf

The Case for Longer Drives in Golf

It’s happening right in front of our eyes. Our athletes are stronger and more powerful than ever. As humans, our curiosities with potential and toying with the limits of performance have pushed us to new heights, distances, and records. What lies on the horizon? Will we eventually cap out human potential? It’s anybody’s guess. Today…

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personal trainer at chadwicks fitness

Why Hiring a Personal Training is Beneficial

Hiring a Personal Trainer can be very Beneficial There is always room for improvement. This statement applies to many aspects of our lives. But for a lot of us, it relates to our health. It can be difficult to find the time to properly take care of ourselves. We get caught up with work, family,…

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BHS Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

Hannah Hohn, a flyer for Brentwood High School Cheerleaders, first came to Chadwick’s Gym in Franklin TN, in need of rehab and strengthening after an ACL tear. Not long after her recovery, she was dropped during cheerleading and tore her other ACL. Once again, Hannah returned to her personal trainer after rehab. Hannah has pushed…

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16 Week Metabolic Program, group fitness in Franklin, TN, gyms, personal trainers, sports training programs, strength and conditioning classes and more at Chadwick’s Fitness.

GroupFit 16-Week Metabolic Cycle Program

Group Fitness Franklin, TN Chadwick’s Fitness offers group fitness in Franklin, TN. We’re excited to introduce our new GroupFit program, which is based on a 16-week cycle for maximum improvements to your metabolic conditioning, leading to higher calorie burn and strength gains. This unique proprietary program is backed by countless hours of existing as well…

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Pro Baseball team at Chadwick's Gym in Franklin TN

Chadwick’s Pro Baseball

Rex Brothers Team: Atlanta Braves Position: Pitcher (Left handed) Logan Forsythe Team: Team: Los Angeles Dodgers Position: Position: Second base, Third base, First base Mike Freeman Team: Chicago Cubs Position: Utility (Pinch hitter, Shortstop, Second base) Chase Headley Team: San Diego Padres Position: Third base, Left field, First base Steven Matz Team: New York Mets…

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Free weights for group fitness, personal training, sports training programs, and youth sports performance training

New Client Evaluation Expectations

Our Personal Trainers are excited for you to begin your fitness journey with us here at Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training in Franklin. As you already know, each of our clients (that’s you!) will start his or her training off with a personal training evaluation. Hopefully you already have your evaluation scheduled, if not, go…

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Group fitness, gyms in Franklin, TN with sports medicine, personal trainers, strength and conditioning classes, and more - Chadwick's Fitness.

Premier Athletics

Performance Training at Chadwick’s Fitness in Franklin Focus Areas Increase power to maximize jumping potential Gain strength to help with stunts Increase flexibility & balance Increase mobility & stability for injury prevention Increase cardiovascular conditioning & endurance Focus on diaphragmatic breathing Group Fitness Times Tuesdays at 5:00 – starts April 10th! *more group times will…

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