GroupFit 16-Week Metabolic Cycle Program

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Chadwick’s Fitness offers group fitness in Franklin, TN. We’re excited to introduce our new GroupFit program, which is based on a 16-week cycle for maximum improvements to your metabolic conditioning, leading to higher calorie burn and strength gains.

This unique proprietary program is backed by countless hours of existing as well as ongoing research, all with the intent of helping you become fitter.

So What’s New in the 16-Week Metabolic Cycle Program?

Some of you may be familiar with the GroupFit program at Chadwick’s Fitness in Franklin, and curious about what sets the 16-week program apart. Let’s look at what we’ve introduced as part of the new program.

Intensity Zones – There are many programs offering combined cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts, which are great for burning fat and building strength. However, they tend to lack a cohesive and well-defined structure based on individual fitness levels and goals.

With the new metabolic conditioning foundation, cardio/HIIT workouts are structured into three distinct Intensity Zones, according to each GroupFit participant’s unique level of fitness:

  • RED – 90% to Maximal Exertion
  • ORANGE – 60% to 75% Exertion
  • YELLOW – Less than 60% Exertion

Foundational Movements – We have introduced a set of foundational movements that help us establish a baseline fitness level for GroupFit participants. With the intent to build functional strength, trainers will test each participant on these movements, and track them through the GroupFit experience.

We have also established weight zones for resistance training, so participants who have test numbers will know which weight range to be in for the designated exercises:

  • PURPLE – Muscular Strength (85-100% Max)
  • BLUE – Muscular Hypertrophy (70-85% Max)
  • GREEN – Muscular Endurance (<70% Max)


Dynamic Workouts – With the new 16-week metabolic cycle program, there is an inverse relationship between cardio/HIIT and strength intensities. Here’s how it works:

  • With every increase in cardio/HIIT intensity, the volume during resistance training circuits will decrease
  • Conversely, every increase in volume for weight training will lead to a decrease in intensity for cardio/HIIT

This is basically meant to keep you from burning out during your GroupFit workouts, but it also helps maintain momentum in the right direction.

Details of Chadwick’s New 16-Week Metabolic Cycle Program

Here’s an overview of the features and benefits of the new GroupFit 16-week program:

  • The program design is based on a well-researched 16-week metabolic cycle
  • With cardio/HIIT workouts, participants are guaranteed a high calorie burn
  • We regularly measure each participant’s progress in terms of strength gain
  • Workouts include varying intensities of strength and cardio/HIIT every day
  • Our trainers select daily workouts that are creative, fun and motivating
  • Expected individual attendance rate for participants is 3-5 sessions/week
  • The 16-week program structure includes intensity deloads every 4th week

Energy chart, group fitness in Franklin, TN, gyms, personal trainers, sports training programs, sports medicine and more at Chadwick’s Fitness.

  • Along with functional strength, the program improves all energy systems


The diagram above is an informational chart of different energy systems. It shows when, during physical exertion, the body utilizes each one to create energy required for exercise.

Chadwick’s new 16-week GroupFit program with a metabolic conditioning foundation offers benefits that you won’t get anywhere else. You really have to try it to experience the difference. Sign up for a 4 week trial at an introductory price of $50 today! Want to learn more? Contact our gym in Franklin, TN, today!


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