Chadwick’s Fitness And Performance Training Offers Online Video Personal Training

Your Online Personal Trainer Franklin, TN

With the coronavirus bringing about so much change to our industry, Chadwick’s has set out to keep our clients moving even when we are to stay home and stay at a distance.
Last week alone Chadwick’s completed over 115 virtual sessions with clients!

The workouts and the feedback have been great! People are still burning calories and continuing to be held accountable with their custom programming and personal trainer right alongside them.

Virtual Training Sessions

Option 1: Video Coaching Session

  • A scheduled 30 or 60-minute video session via Zoom or Facetime
  • Your trainer creates a program based on your goals & equipment options
  • Your scheduled session is designed to hold you accountable and keep you on track

Option 2: At-Home Program

  • A custom workout program was written for you to complete on your own at home
  • Your trainer creates a program based on your goals & equipment options (each workout will be new and different)
  • Your trainer will consult with you each week to check progress and to make sure that you understand the exercises



At a time when all of us crave a little social interaction and a bit of normalcy, Chadwick’s virtual training can provide a little of both. These workouts have not only allowed people to continue to reach their fitness goals but for some, have also brought a little light into these days that can sometimes feel a little dark.


“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the zoom workout.  That one hour gives me a lot of joy.  I’m a creature of routine and it’s nice to get a little of it back during this shutdown.  Thank you again!”
– Beth

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