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a woman running during her morning workout routine

Ultra Running – There’s More to it Than Just Running

The Definition of Ultra Running is anything longer than the standard marathon (26.2 miles). Often times Ultras are held in remote places in the mountains on technical trails giving you plenty of peace and quiet to think of all the reasons not to sign up for the next event. The terrain and the sheer volume…

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virtual personal fitness trainer

Tips To Find And Work with a Virtual Fitness Trainer

Working With A Personal Trainer Just Got Easier During Covid-19, We are dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy! Getting and staying in shape during hard times isn’t easy. However, there are a lot of tactics and tips that help a person achieve the results they are looking for that aren’t widely known. The…

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Chadwick’s Fitness And Performance Training Offers Online Video Personal Training

Chadwick’s Fitness And Performance Training Offers Online Video Personal Training

Your Online Personal Trainer Franklin, TN With the coronavirus bringing about so much change to our industry, Chadwick’s has set out to keep our clients moving even when we are to stay home and stay at a distance. Last week alone Chadwick’s completed over 115 virtual sessions with clients!The workouts and the feedback have been great! People are still…

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Erin Running on Curve-min self propelled treadmill

Should You Use a Curved Self Propelled Treadmill?

Curved self propelled treadmills are growing in popularity across the country. So what’s the buzz about, and is it right for you? A curved self propelled treadmill, often just called a curved treadmill, is a non-motorized treadmill that allows you to walk or run with a natural stride, powering the belt as you go. It…

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The Importance of a Proper Total Body Warm-Up

“I’ll just jog on the treadmill for 5 minutes,” or “ I’m going to stretch out my shoulders for a few,” or “I can simply roll the tension out and be ready to go.” These elements of what may seem like a typical warm-up might be useful, but do they really drive you toward getting…

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Shoulder Issues

Shoulder issues? The majority of us slouch at a desk all day, type on our phones regularly, and participate in other activities that can take a toll on our posture and cause stiffness in our shoulders. Here are some ways to loosen up those shoulders and prevent pain! All you need is a wall/doorway! Pro… Read More
Client of the Month at Chadwick's Gym for sports training programs and strength and conditioning classes

Client Of The Month – Roger Brown

Roger found Chadwick’s Fitness Gym after boxing left him with a torn rotator cuff. Roger came to the gym with the goal of gaining muscle. Roger started at a weight of 168 pounds after his surgery, and today he weighs a healthy 190 pounds due to huge gains in muscle mass. He has also gained…

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